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Tribe Fans

Keeping the Dream Alive!

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Keeping the Dream Alive!

Tribe Fans

This community contains mainly discussion, fan art, fan fiction and other fandomness.


Know the age restrictions in your countries.

Please keep all things Tribe (or Cloud 9) related.

Be nice! Know what is debate and know what is argument.

No flaming! Constructive criticism is the way of life.

Use an LJ-cut for graphics over 200x200 pixels.

All that being said we, itsjustc alt_baie and xbenji65, are your moderators. Our word is law. If you cause unwanted trouble in the community you are out.

No second chances. We are here to have fun - no drama allowed.



If this is not your way to celebrate the awesomeness that is "The Tribe," then leave us be and we'll leave you alone too!

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